6 different experiences to try in Santorini this season!

From food tours and volcano sailing excursions, to electric bike tours and scuba diving, there is a number of different activities that can add special flavor to your Santorini experience.

Food Tours

Santorini boasts iconic local products such as its cherry tomatoes, capers, white eggplants and fava beans. Taste some of Santorini’s top flavors and discover the reasons behind their unique taste. If you want to take some expertise back home, sign up for a cooking class.

Wine Tours

A guided visit to the island’s most renowned wineries reveals the beauty of Santorini’s indigenous grape varieties: Assyrtiko,  Athiri, and Aidani. A wine tour will also introduce you to the ingenuity of the local cultivation system, which has been adapted to the island’s climate.

Electric Bike Tours

Electric bikes are an eco-friendly means of transportation that allows you to discover Santorini, from its caldera to the villages beyond it. A half-day tour can take you to places like Emporio and Megalochori and can also include a stop at one of Santorini’s wineries.

Walking Tours

The centuries-old path connecting Fira to Oia is one of the most scenic walks to take in Santorini –but it is not the only one. A network of hikes along the island provide a quiet and off-the-beaten track alternative to discovering Santorini and its millennia of history.

Scuba Diving

It is a very special sensation to be swimming below the caldera and the same applies to diving near Santorini’s volcano crater. Whether a certified diver or a beginner, you can make some exciting underwater bubbles. 

Volcano Sailing Tours

A day cruise to the volcanic islands of Santorini's caldera region provides the ideal opportunity to get close to its active volcano and swim in natural hot springs.

Almost everybody knows that Santorini’s unusual beauty is the result of a volcanic eruption but, once you are on the island, it is hard to tell where that volcano actually is. Santorini as we know it today, is the result of four volcanic eruptions the last of which occurred in 1620 BC. This final...

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Saint Matrona’s festival takes place on October 20 in Finikia and is one of Santorini’s most popular panigiria, as these open air celebrations are called in Greece. Saint Matrona’s church is decorated with palm leaves on the eve of the celebration and the religious icon that depicts the saint is...

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Santorini’s seabottom is a combination of “crystal clear waters and dramatically impressive underwater landscapes”, as Pierre Yves Cousteau put it. It was forty years ago that his father, oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, explored the depths of Santorini in search of the lost city of Atlantis. The...

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