Cultural venues

Santorini’s cultural venues and art galleries provide an excellent opportunity to discover the work of Greek artists and see how the island’s character is reflected in it.

Santorini Arts Factory

The historical tomato factory of D.Nomikos in Vlychada has been transformed into a modern Industrial Tomato Museum, offering a journey back to Santorini’s industrial past. Visitors discover the traditional methods that locals used to process and can tomatoes in the past century. The factory is also home to Santorini Arts Factory, which promotes cultural activity on the island. SAF hosts acclaimed artists from all over the world and its annual program includes art exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, dance workshops and art events. 

Gyzi Megaron

This historical Venetian mansion which was once home to the Gyzi family, houses a museum where one can explore historic documents, paintings, photographs, and artifacts that date back to the 18th century and cast light on Santorini’s history while under Venetian domination.
Gyzi Megaron’s Summer Festival is an annual Santorini tradition that features numerous musical events.

Bellonio Cultural Foundation

The Bellonio Cultural Foundation is a melting pot of Santorini’s culture, tradition, and heritage. Apart from its well-stocked library, the Bellonio regularly hosts cultural shows and art exhibitions and invites renowned artists, academics and scholars to deliver lectures about them.

In AK Art galleries you can see the work of Christoforos Asimis - internationally acclaimed as “the painter of Santorini”, Eleni Kolaitou - a highly lauded Greek sculptor and representational artist Katonas Asimis. A selection of pieces of contemporary Greek art is showcased in AK Art galleries in Fira and Oia as well as in a major art exhibition space on the way from Fira to Pyrgos.

Mati at Fira is an art space where you can find pieces of sculpture, installations, drawings and designer jewelry by Yorgos Kypris who works with metal and glass to build creations as unique and impressive as a school of fish swimming out of a wall.

Steps to ART in Oia presents the metal sculptures and volcanic sand jewelry of Nikos Hitoglou. It also hosts silver jewelry by Giorgos Polyzos, paintings by Aggeliki Anthimidou and Irene Goulandris and artwork by many other Greek artists. In the workshop, you can peek at artists making jewelry.

S.M.A.G Spira Marble Art Gallery in Pyrgos is a place where you can marvel at pieces of sculpture made by Grigoris Kouskouris or even take a lesson in the art of marble sculpture. Grigoris comes from a family of sculptors and returned to Santorini to continue a generations-old family tradition.

Art Space in Exo Gonia presents artwork by Greek and foreign artists inside the rock - carved chambers of an old winery. The exhibition hall also occupies two wine cellars and an old rake distillery. In the adjacent caved-in spaces, which are linked by an underground tunnel, a contemporary winery is in operation.

Almost everybody knows that Santorini’s unusual beauty is the result of a volcanic eruption but, once you are on the island, it is hard to tell where that volcano actually is. Santorini as we know it today, is the result of four volcanic eruptions the last of which occurred in 1620 BC. This final...

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Saint Matrona’s festival takes place on October 20 in Finikia and is one of Santorini’s most popular panigiria, as these open air celebrations are called in Greece. Saint Matrona’s church is decorated with palm leaves on the eve of the celebration and the religious icon that depicts the saint is...

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Santorini’s seabottom is a combination of “crystal clear waters and dramatically impressive underwater landscapes”, as Pierre Yves Cousteau put it. It was forty years ago that his father, oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, explored the depths of Santorini in search of the lost city of Atlantis. The...

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